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Coming Home

 Hey team, What a month! Full of sightings of God and His Kingdom. The last month included some of my apprenticeship classes starting as well as the start of the new semester for college students, often referred to as "Welcome Week." For those who aren't as familiar with FOCUS or campus ministry in general, the beginning of the school year is a really exciting and busy time. The staff and student leaders get to be on campus at a time where new and returning students are walking back onto campus ready to meet and make new friends. During my time as a student leader with FOCUS, I was amazed at how the Spirit worked in leading the team to meeting students of all backgrounds and perspectives. On top of the typical liveliness of a new semester and school year, the students seemed even more receptive and hungry for meeting people coming out of a largely virtual year last year. It's been a few years since I've been on a college campus, but it felt like I was coming home

Here We go!

  Hello dear family and friends, We have made it to the first month of the FOCUS Apprenticeship! I am truly grateful for each one of you both for the support generously given to get me to this point as well as to have you on my ministry team for the year. I couldn't do this apprenticeship without you guys, and I know it's going to be a wildly neat ride ahead!  August started off with a special licensing ceremony where all of the incoming apprentices got to make promises to God, each other, and the community at large. I will link the video of the ceremony if you want to check it out. The next morning I flew to Massachusetts for my last little chunk of time with Dallas Back Dance Theatre. After finishing up my last performances, I flew straight into San Antonio. Every year Focus sends students to a week long leadership conference called SICM, which stands for Student Institute for Campus Ministry. This year the conference was held in San Antonio, and it was surreal to arrive on s