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Meeting Jesus

  Hi guys! What a full, full month. Out of the various aspects of ministry that started back up with this new semester, one thing stands out to me: people are meeting Jesus.  While I’ve seen people meet and know Jesus in our community throughout the year, there’s been some pretty stand out moments that I want to share with you guys.  First, we had our annual winter retreat that we call Winter Camp! We took around 450 students from all of the campuses we are at, and spent a weekend at Sky Ranch learning and laughing and worshipping. Each year we get to have a speaker, and this year we had the Rikk Watts from Regent College come! What a serious blessing. He spoke about the historicity of Jesus and the real man that He was (and is!). Rikk spoke on how Jesus really did change everything, and how history leading up to and after Jesus shows that. Our students were so impacted to learn about and think through the real man of Jesus in a real place in history. And, on par with every Winter Camp