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He makes it grow

Hi everybody!  It's been another full month, and I can't believe we are already in November. Here are just some of the ways that I have seen God grow those around me:     Fall camp!  Each year, each campus of FOCUS puts on a weekend retreat that we call Fall Camp. It is one of the first times in the year that all the students can have fun, learn, and worship together outside of our normal weekly fellowship gatherings. This year we, from all five of Collin campuses, took a group of about 60 students to Mount Lebanon for a packed full 24 hours. Several of the girls from my core who came spoke about powerful interactions they had had with the Spirit during that time. One girl in particular has a Muslim background said at the end of our time that she, “Wants to get to know God better, and build a relationship with Him.” There was another girl who showed up at camp not knowing anyone, but was able to build a friendship with all the girls in my core. I’m humbled by how much the Spiri