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Giving as you've been given

 Dear family and friends, I pray that in the midst of the sometimes bust transition between spring and summer that you are filled with the peace and joy of our Father. As the school year comes to a close, I pray that you are met with His nearness and providence. You are so loved.  Our students here at Collin have their finals next week, so we have had our last peer team meeting, our last correa meeting, our last TNF for this year is this tomorrow, and we had our last core last night. In all of these times fo reflecting, it is so evident that God was near and Good to us this year.  In our last core, we got the chance to share about a few different things, but spent some time with this question: What has God given you this year that you want to give to others? Elaina, who is transferring to Hardin University in the fall, shared about how she wants to be the friend that we were to her to those she will meet at her new school. Elaina has grown in depth, and I'm so grateful that we got