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Getting on God's Agenda

  Hi! I think I am allowed to say this since fall has officially started, "Happy Fall Y'all!" I hope you have been enjoying the slowly cooling weather, and maybe even wearing some long sleeves. Here is a bit of what's been going on! Throughout this past month, I've seen the theme of living with God's agenda and not our own. Whether through my personal selfishness, a new student looking at their priorities with being at school, or the story of God's people throughout the Old Testament, the temptation to live a life for ourselves is prevalent. This month I have been consistently reminded of how intentional we humans have to be to be on God's agenda; I've seen how our own priorities, goals, attention, and schedules can get sidetracked from the Lord's.  As I've read through more of the Old Testament in the Apprentice class, I see myself in the Israelites quite often. I too forget how much God has already provided, how many times he has been fai