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Springtime Sprouts

 Hello team! What a speedy month. Those couple of days February doesn't have makes a difference 😅  SICM, Showcase, and sprouts are the themes of my last month. Here's what I mean!      For those who remember, a group of students and staff met together for a week long conference, SICM, back at the beginning of August. In fact, I flew straight from my last performance with Dallas Black back to Texas to head straight to the retreat center. SICM, Student Institute of Campus Ministry, is a week long training for students who have bought into the mission and vision of Christ. These students are eager to be disciple makers on the campus, and SICM is all about equipping them to go and be a part of what God is doing on each of their campuses. In a typical year, we invite students early Spring and they fundraise for their trip, which happens mid-May. Last year was an exception for a couple of reasons. It is almost to the 10 year mark since I was asked to go to SICM my Freshmen year, and