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Thankful for all Y'all!

 Hi! I hope that the beginning to the Holiday season was full of joy for you! It's wild to me that December is already here. There were so many neat ministry moments this past month. I've continued to have new girls come to core each week, and we have a fun consistent group of gals at this point in the year. There have been some formative moments with the girls that I meet with each week for FOJ, and I've seen our community show up at large as well. Going off of last month's update, I have continued to see the growth that only God can produce. His Spirit really is at work at Collin, and specifically in our ministry.  Particularly this month, I've been learning the power of showing up. To show up and trust in God's timing, provision, and direction. I've also watched students learning how to show up in spiritual friendships and also in loving God with their mind and schedule. I pray that God would help you show up in whatever sphere or context that you may be