Springtime Sprouts

 Hello team!

What a speedy month. Those couple of days February doesn't have makes a difference πŸ˜… 

SICM, Showcase, and sprouts are the themes of my last month. Here's what I mean!

    For those who remember, a group of students and staff met together for a week long conference, SICM, back at the beginning of August. In fact, I flew straight from my last performance with Dallas Black back to Texas to head straight to the retreat center. SICM, Student Institute of Campus Ministry, is a week long training for students who have bought into the mission and vision of Christ. These students are eager to be disciple makers on the campus, and SICM is all about equipping them to go and be a part of what God is doing on each of their campuses. In a typical year, we invite students early Spring and they fundraise for their trip, which happens mid-May. Last year was an exception for a couple of reasons. It is almost to the 10 year mark since I was asked to go to SICM my Freshmen year, and I know that the information and heart change that I experienced from SICM continues to impact me today. All that to say, SICM is a big deal and significantly impacts our students. 

Here is me at SICM with a snail on my finger back in 2014.

    As you guys know, I get to study and meet with Caroline each week. Caroline found herself isolated and lonely for the first year of college. Over the course of this school year, Caroline has jumped all in to our community. While she knew Jesus previously, she is learning to know Jesus through His people. She has decided to not live her life for her own comfort, convenience, and preferences. Caroline has allowed the Spirit to grow her in boldness and vulnerability. I have watched her choose to share her story with students, step up to serve the girls in our core, and open up to me honestly. As a staff team at Collin, we have decided to invite Caroline to SICM, and I couldn't be more excited!

This is Caroline and Addie at Showcase. Aren't they cute?

    Each student that is invited and chooses to go to SICM are required to raise $900 for the trip. This covers various costs such as travel, transportation while in Washington, and housing costs. Every year, FOCUS puts on a fundraiser to help raise funds for those invited, and we call it Showcase. The show is an incredible potluck of the various talents in our own community. All the proceeds from tickets as well as donations help send the students. I  have attached the video of one of the performances we geld, and you might catch yours truly dancing. There is also a link to donate to help send some of our students, such as Caroline. 

Here is the link to watch and donate if you choose!


I've also been encouraged to see some sprouts coming up in surprising ways. I know a couple months ago I wrote a blog about God being the one who makes us grow, and there have been a few sightings of that. One example is that a girl I met Welcome Week of the Fall semester reached back out to me after several months asking if there were events she could go to. I was so excited to see that she initiated asking, and I know that God is working behind the scenes in that. I am truly grateful for the support and care I have from each of you that allows me to be on campus meeting and reuniting with many students every week. 

With much love and gratitude,



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