Giving as you've been given

 Dear family and friends,

I pray that in the midst of the sometimes bust transition between spring and summer that you are filled with the peace and joy of our Father. As the school year comes to a close, I pray that you are met with His nearness and providence. You are so loved. 

Our students here at Collin have their finals next week, so we have had our last peer team meeting, our last correa meeting, our last TNF for this year is this tomorrow, and we had our last core last night. In all of these times fo reflecting, it is so evident that God was near and Good to us this year. 

In our last core, we got the chance to share about a few different things, but spent some time with this question:

What has God given you this year that you want to give to others?

Elaina, who is transferring to Hardin University in the fall, shared about how she wants to be the friend that we were to her to those she will meet at her new school. Elaina has grown in depth, and I'm so grateful that we got to spend a year with her. I know she will continue to be a light to others.

Pari, who moved to the states from Iran and a Muslim background, spoke about how she was given community and a safe space this year. In return, she wants to pray and learn more about the Bible. Her and I started studying the Bible together next week, and we will continue through the summer. I am so excited and proud of her!

Addie, my co-facilitator for core, talked about learning that God empowers all of us to be leaders, and that she wants to take that into the summer and year. As one who is more reserved and quiet, hearing Addie talk about the way that God using people with all sorts of personalities and backgrounds was quite encouraging. I have seen her take ownership of her discipleship alongside her internalizing what it means to be a "sent one."

I also finished Focus on Jesus with Caroline, who will be leaving for SICM next week. Caroline has reiterated to me the past couple of weeks the desire to continue to grow in boldness and others mindedness. She communicated how she wants to grow in surrender, and leaning into the discomfort how serving and loving people well. 

These are just a few snapshots of the work that God did this year. Thank you for being a part of His work, and for your support to me throughout. I'm grateful to have had you guys on my team, in my corner, and praying for our students. 

"The Druces" went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate what God did this year in core specifically. It was a sweet time of sharing how each girl was a blessing to the group. 

This was our last Peer team meeting. Im so glad to call them friends, and really proud of each of them!

This was Caroline and I's last FOJ time! She is kind, willing, dependable, and has a heart for God. I can't wait to hear about all she learns at SICM, and looking forward to having her around next year. 

Love each of you! Happy May ๐Ÿ˜Š



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