None Like Him

Hello all!

"I could search all of heaven above
And never find another like You, another like You
I could search all the earth below
And never find another like You, another like You
There's no other more beautiful
Never find another like You, another like You
There's no other more wonderful
Never find another like You, another like You
Who is like the Lord?"

These are some lyrics that have been encouraging to me this month. I think they also characterize how I’ve seen God show up this month on campus. He has been faithful to show up in ways that only He can. If interested, the song is "No One Like You" by UPPERROOM. 

In mid March, for a full week, we had a group of students come down from Washington from a ministry that we, FOCUS, have had a long term relationship with. Their ministry, CCF, is a community who loves Jesus and is seeking to make Him known on campuses up in the Northwest. This week, during their spring break, was such an encouragement to our ministry. They come ready to serve, to meet students, to know us, and ultimately to let the Lord use them. While they are here, we do a full week of outreach. At Collin specifically, we were at each of the four campuses everyday from 10-3! We got to have so many neat and fruitful conversations with students about their faith, their involvement in community, and to initiate friendship with them. 

In this one week of being on campus, I met students from Vietnam, the Philippines, Bolivia, Egypt, China, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria, just to name a few. Collin College has a great ESL program, and I was able to connect with many of them from being able to spend prolonged time on campus. Getting to talk about different cultural backgrounds and spiritualities, I was so encouraged in reflecting in how magnificent our King is and how incredible he has made people and His creation! There really is none like Him. 

We had a day on campus talking about growth, and we potted plants with students as part of our conversation starter. It was a hit!

Wouldn't be a real week of outreach without a game of Uno. I think it was the largest game of Uno I have played yet!

We hung some photos up, and used them to ask students about their thoughts on beauty. 

One of my favorite parts of getting to know the team from Washington is having dinner with them. We had a handful of families from our community cook us food each night, which was such blessing. 

So many of our Corefas showed up last week. I am so proud of them stretching their outreach muscles. 

I met up with many of the girls that I met a couple weeks ago, and I’m looking forward to seeing how God shows up to each of them. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. I think of you all often as I get to walk on campus each week. 

As I head towards the end of my Apprenticeship year with FOCUS (my last day as an Apprentice is May 31st), I wanted to update you guys that the staff has offered to have me stay on for another year! I would love to meet up with you to share how God lead me to that decision; let me know if you would be interested in that! Part of staying on staff another year means getting to continue with a support team full of people like you. I wanted to let you guys know here in case you would like to pray about continuing to support me once my apprenticeship ends, and I of course will reach out to each of you to see where you might be at. 

I pray that God meet you where you are at when reading this. That His beauty, majesty, and peace would surround you and your needs. I love you all.



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