Meeting Jesus

 Hi guys!

What a full, full month. Out of the various aspects of ministry that started back up with this new semester, one thing stands out to me: people are meeting Jesus. 
While I’ve seen people meet and know Jesus in our community throughout the year, there’s been some pretty stand out moments that I want to share with you guys. 

First, we had our annual winter retreat that we call Winter Camp! We took around 450 students from all of the campuses we are at, and spent a weekend at Sky Ranch learning and laughing and worshipping. Each year we get to have a speaker, and this year we had the Rikk Watts from Regent College come! What a serious blessing. He spoke about the historicity of Jesus and the real man that He was (and is!). Rikk spoke on how Jesus really did change everything, and how history leading up to and after Jesus shows that. Our students were so impacted to learn about and think through the real man of Jesus in a real place in history. And, on par with every Winter Camp, watching students worship Jesus all together was incredibly encouraging. I wish I could include a sound tidbit in these photos but I’m sure you can imagine!

The other couple of ways that I’ve seen people meet Jesus is with the girls that I get one on one time with each week. Caroline and CeCe are two girls that I’ve been meeting with consistently each week starting towards the beginning of last semester. I’ve watched as Caroline has  grown in her understanding of who He is, that she is allowing Him to make her more like Him. She has chosen to be vulnerable and share about the ways that it is hard to be like Christ. She has shared about letting people know her in community and not just trying to hide. The changes I’ve seen in Caroline are only explainable when I look at the mark that Jesus has on people in Scripture. I’m so proud and excited that Caroline is choosing Jesus more and more, and surrendering to the Spirit’s work in her. 

Caroline is all the way on the left!

CeCe has also had some lightbulb moments about Jesus. She’s started to articulate more that she wants to follow Jesus in all areas of her life. I believe she is starting to internalize Jesus as Lord. She recently opened up to me as a response to trusting Jesus and that He invites her into freedom despite where we are in our journey. CeCe, as well as Caroline, have both taken initiative recently to live on the other girls in our core; both of which decided as they have studied the way that Jesus pursued people. 

CeCe is on the left as well!

I’m thankful that we serve a God who made himself fully known. And what Good News it is that that God is Jesus. The image of the invisible. God really is that Good. I pray now that Jesus meets you where you are at. On your phone waiting for an appointment or as you are sitting at home alone or as you process and sift through all that life can throw at you. I’m grateful for each of you, and the way that you have chosen Jesus. Thank you for participating in the work that He is doing at Collin. 

Love always,


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